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What is Schools BI?

WE ARE NOT AN MIS.  Schools BI is a school analytics online tool that allows you to instantly access, view and report on your School or MAT's internal data, bringing your MIS information to life in the form of expertly designed dashboards.  Get reports from your School MIS - with automated data feeds you are able to analyse your data and get the insight required to make effective decisions that will improve the teaching and learning environment across your School or Trust. 

Maximise your School or MAT's performance by effectively using  Business Intelligence (BI) to get consolidated analysis from your internal systems.  We integrate with SIMS, Bromcom, Arbor and many other student databases.


Search by school, year, class, pupil or teacher.


Monitor attendance, pupil premium or SEND.


Where changes need to be made to boost student outcomes.

Dashboard highlighting useful information for Schools and MAT's

Recognise & Respond

Using your School or MAT BI you can identify issues ahead of time, enabling you to recognise triumphs and areas of concern, ensuring proactive action can be taken based on this intuitive understanding of your education data.  It is all about being able to analyse your school performance. 

Business Intelligence for Schools & Multi-Academy Trusts

Disclose & Distribute

Present the key information pertaining to your institution amongst the senior leadership team in your school or, in the case of MATs, view, analyse & compare pupil performance (BI) data across schools.  Maybe you just want to run a quick report from the school information you hold.

Business Intelligence for Education

Save Time

Don’t spend countless hours trying to pull together a multitude of reports from loads of different sources.  Find the information at the click of a button and free yourself up to analyse the school, academy or MAT data, rather than just collecting it.  Sometimes all you want to do is view the stats of school data.

Try Before You Buy

Want to have a go on Schools BI before you commit? Why not have a look around our demo school dashboards to get a better idea about how your information would be displayed.

Your privacy and trust are important to us. We will never sell, abuse, or misuse your personal information. For full details please see our privacy policy.

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