This concept came about after our experiences in Schools, watching our customers struggle to compare data across their establishment(s). It turns out that school analytics is a minefield! For example, what would you do if Ofsted requested information regarding your Pupil Premium students, however several different departments are involved and in the case of MAT’s several different schools!  You request all the relevant information but, as it is coming from several sources, it will invariably be in a variety of formats, none of it consistent!

This means that you have to physically extrapolate the data then break it down accordingly. Then once all of it is in front of you you have to compare it all in order to come up with some meaningful information.  This can be extraordinarily time-consuming and we’ve witnessed first-hand the stress it causes in schools.

Our Schools BI solution has been specifically developed to make this aspect of your role much much easier. We designed Schools BI to address this issue in schools.  It is very niche and is constantly evolving to meet new requirements in schools.  It also became clear during the development process that every School or Trust has their own individual needs, and that the analytics wanted differs from School to School or Trust to Trust.  So we made the decision not to limit the Schools BI solution to a single set of standard dashboards, but to factor in that everyone wants a slightly different bespoke solution.  In essence we want to partner with you develop the analytics you desire to most effectively benefit your instituion.


We all know how important your data is, and used in the correct manner your School or MAT analytics can have a substantial impact on how your educational establishment operates.  However, it needs to be made available to relevant parties, on demand and in a format that is simple to read and easy to comprehend.

The correct usage of data can drive improved performance, result in more effective teaching and influence pupil outcomes.  We want to help ensure that happens.

Using one solution to access and visualise your data is by far the most efficient way of monitoring your school or MAT’s trends.  It significantly reduces the amount of valuable time it takes to collate, process and report on relevant information.

With Schools BI you will have access to specially designed education dashboards so that you can monitor the data you require at a glance, and with the facility to share that information with other senior leaders.

Enhance pupil performance

  • Compare academic performance to school and/or government standards.  Ensure counteractive measurements are put in place when required.
  • Analyse trends in subject selections and the subsequent results in order to boost productivity and performance.
  • Observe behavioural markers to monitor key indicators in areas such as attendance and discipline in order to establish when invention is needed.
  • Scrutinise pupil results across exams in order to determine if they are responding effectively to additional help and amend methods if required.

Streamline Admin

  • Monitor registration numbers and class sizes over time to ensure effective resource planning and funding requirements.
  • Analyse extra curricular clubs and activities such as sports, cooking, homework and dancing to ensure attention is in the correct areas and amend where required.
  • Track ‘wrap-around care’ numbers to ensure appropriate resourcing is dedicated.
  • Track average pupil results by subject, teacher or year group.

What does it mean?

  • Ensure that all stakeholders have access to a single, accurate and current view of key performance indicators that can be easily analysed.
  • Drive effective daily/weekly/monthly/annual decision making and strategic planning.
  • Track success of pre-defined goals and act in advance when necessary.

A well managed Business Intelligence solution can significantly improve efficiency and effectiveness in administration as well as enhance the teacher / pupil experience.

Why do I need Schools BI?

In reality the practicality of pulling data from multiple departments or schools, if you’re a MAT, is that most of you simply don’t have the time required to do this.  So, why not let us help – Schools BI can deliver pre-built standardised or bespoke dashboards that mean you can just concentrate on doing your job and letting the system do its!